Eric and Rachel Johanson, the founders of the Root of Hope are deeply committed to helping those who are looking to transform their addiction into a path of healing. We are dedicated to facilitating others through the struggle of their addiction in order to give individuals the courage to recommit to their lives.

We have been exactly where you are now, on the side of addiction where you live in desperation for change, are despondent about the future, and feel lost in the abyss of the dependence. We are passionate about providing support throughout every aspect of the Ibogaine journey for you- prior to treatment, during and for an extended period of time after. Reintegration is one of the most important parts of the process and we take ample time to have things in place that will allow each person to exponentialize their probabilities of success.

Because we intimately know the nature of the addiction struggle, we are extremely experienced and compassionate about understanding the complexities at the core of addiction. We take an integrated, and holistic approach towards entheogenic medicinal treatment for drug detoxification, and spiritual rejuvenation. Our goal is for our client's to have a profound transformational experience, where they begin to reawaken to a higher version of themselves, without the suffering that traditional detoxes can bring.

At The Root of Hope we know that Ibogaine therapy is not for everyone, and if you feel called to pursue plant medicine as part of your healing journey we are honoured to play part of that process with you. Working with Ibogaine is one of the most profound gifts that we have been able to receive in our lives, and advocating for our client's is a privilege we take very seriously.

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