What is Ibogaine?

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The dictionary definition of Ibogaine is that it is a naturally occurring psychoactive substance found in plants of the apocynaceae family such as tabernathe Iboga, vocanga Africana, and tabernaemontana undulate. It is a psychedelic or more specifically an oneirogen with dissociative properties.

The pygmies of Africa have used this plant ceremonially for hundreds if not thousands of years, and have over time introduced it to other peoples of Africa. To these peoples, it is regarded or worshipped as a source of spiritual knowledge where through the act of ingesting it the eater is granted access into the plants realm and shown insights to each individual's past and future by what is believed to be a superconscious spiritual entity.

Now how does this is correlate to the drug addicted population of the western world? In the early 1960’s Ibogaine had made it into the US but the chemists weren't sure where it could be used. Through a friendship with one such chemist, Howard Lostoff ingested Ibogaine to see what would happen. 36 hours later he came down from his experience with one of, if not the world's most powerful, long lasting and mysterious psychedelics. Now the part of this that ties it all together is that Lostoff was a long time heroin addict and throughout the Ibogaine experience and after, he experienced little to no cravings or withdrawal from the opiates. This miraculous side effect began Lotsoff’s lifelong love affair with the plant, exploring its capacities as an addiction interrupter, and his insatiable desire to get it into the hands of other addicts.

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When we speak about Ibogaine as an addiction interrupter we see that it shows a particular affinity for opiates and opiate addiction. Once ingested Ibogaine will reset the receptors in the brain to a pre addicted state while at the same time ameliorating most if not all of the withdrawal symptoms generally associated with cessation of opiates.

The two most common forms that Ibogaine appears in is total alkaloid TA which contains all and every alkaloid in the root bark. And Ibogaine hydrochloride HCL, which has undergone a process to remove all the alkaloids and isolate the Ibogaine alkaloid. We use Ibogaine HCL for addiction therapy and a combination to TA and HCL for psychospiritual.

Ibogaine should not be considered a cure for addiction but should be considered a window in which you can begin to live your life from a completely different lens then what you previously knew. And much of this is due to the efforts and commitments you are willing to make to you and your life. It is our job to help support you to get there. And we couldn't be more honoured to do so.