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Psychospiritual Initiation

Many individuals who seek Ibogaine for psycho-spiritual reasons do so to address certain aspects of their own life story. Often, people are looking to address wounds and traumas from the past, move past subconscious blocks and limitations, and even to move past certain paradigms and patterns that they believe to be real and true. In this capacity, Ibogaine is a tool for individuals to dive deep into the watery realm of the subconscious where personal and universal truths are exposed in order to be renegotiated by the mind.

This kind of exploration into our own mental processes breeds new insights into the mind and helps to break free of the resistance many of us have to form new more constructive thought patterns. It is a numinous opportunity to explore the recesses of the psyche, and connect with your innermost beingness. When we awaken to the essence of who we truly BE so much more becomes possible in our world. We open up to the possibilities that exist around us instead of only perceiving the limitations. Ibogaine is able to bring you into direct contact with that higher consciousness reminding you that you are worthy, and that you are indeed,  enough.