Once you have committed to choosing Ibogaine as your opportunity to become free it is optimal to begin the journey prior to ingestion. It is important to again mention that Ibogaine is but one tool, and taking time for yourself prior to treatment to work at taking inventory of the people, places and things in your life that allow you to feel/be your highest and best, and what and who does not is an exercise we strongly encourage you to choose.


Abstain from any alcohol, and to begin tapering down on the amount of substances taken daily. This can be quite difficult for many but it shows the strength in one's intention moving forward.

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Water consumption is extremely important! Drinking 2 litres of water a day is a requirement and can make a big difference in your recovery process.

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Eat light nutritious meals low in: meat, sugar and processed foods.

Taking a magnesium supplement everyday will allow your muscles to restore faster, will improve your cardiovascular health, and will provide the body with nutrient rich vitamins aiding in the recovery process.

You will also receive an email providing you with more thorough information during this preparatory time and many resources are available to you here.

You will have a consultation with a Master Herbalist who will create a specific supplement just for you, tailored for your needs, which will be available to you after treatment.

Individuals will also have access to metaphysical and relationship counsellors by phone ro begin preparing for the Ibogaine journey, and also to prepare for integrating the experience into their new life after they have returned home.

Usually, client's arrive on average 3 days prior to the Ibogaine therapy. In that time we begin preparing the body more thoroughly for Ibogaine by implementing organic cold pressed juices, a plant based diet, coffee enemas, salt therapy, infrared sauna time and massages. By including these gentle detoxification methods prior, it sets the stage for the body-mind to have greater ease during the period after Ibogaine. This period can be characterized with mental and physical discomfort (not withdrawal) and making the necessary preparations prior can greatly reduce these aversive effects.

All of the options and modalities we implement were chosen as a way to allow you to maximize the experience you are about to have, and is designed to enhance results for you during, after the Ibogaine journey, and, for the future life that you will begin to create for yourself.