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At The Root of Hope we have quite the comprehensive aftercare program which has been carefully selected and planned to help people begin to live their lives by design, not default. It is our personal goal to ensure the success of each and every client so that they are propelled so far down the path of healing that the past path is no longer an option for them to return to.

It is important to note here that ibogaine is a tremendous tool to overcome addiction, it allows you to have the kind of universal reset that you are seeking, but, it is not designed to do all of the work for you. The Ibogaine reset WILL give you the opportunity and window of grace for you to begin redefining, and reawakening to your life, but ultimately, you must make the choices and changes required to ensure your success. There is a lot of work and development that should be implemented to ensure long-term change and success in your life, and we at The Root of Hope, are committed to working with each individual’s needs to set up empowering patterns to help them commit to their future.  It can be a scary thought to embrace the idea of being fully committed to your life, but we work with each individual so that they feel completely supported throughout the process.

The time after Ibogaine is a sensitive, and an even critical period in which ** re-wiring the client's thought patterns, and emotional processes are the most significant aspects for us to actively address with them.

Our aftercare program has been created to act as a living protocol, which means that each client's emotional, physical, financial, cognitive and spiritual needs are considered and then post treatment options are tailored to meet those requirements.

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