What to Expect

Ibogaine induces an oneirophrenic (dreamlike) state, wherein you experience a visionary period analogous to a dream-state. These visions, can be actual memories, or symbolic fragments that may seem to be unrelated to your life whatsoever. The experiences varies drastically from person to person. And, it is important not to colour your own experience by comparing and developing expectations about what you will undergo with what others have gone through.

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The first phase is 30 mins- 5 hours: Visionary/Awakened Dream-like Phase

Within 30-45 minutes after ingesting ibogaine HCl, the post acute withdrawal symptoms will be mitigated and you will begin to settle in to the experience. Many people describe an auditory “buzzing” or ringing sound, and this is one of the first signs that the medicine has begun its work. The “reset” occurs almost immediately, and this is prior to the onset of any visionary experience. There will not be any symptoms of withdrawal or detoxing while you are in this visionary- dreamlike stage.  This stage comes with a lot of intensity and can be accompanied with feelings of stress and anxiety. These are both considered normal parts of any psychedelic medicines. The onset of physical ataxia will also be present, and people may or may not have symptoms of nausea. All client's receive and will require assistance from this point on to use the washroom.

The second phase is around 7-20 hours: Processing & Introspective Phase

After the initial visionary stage, you’ll enter an integrating and processing phase, which is often categorized as being mentally analytical. There is a substantial degree of cerebral activity during this time, and many people describe this stage as an investigative opportunity to achieving greater clarity into their own psyche. Ibogaine may allow you to investigate and re-evaluate your behaviors, and thought patterns from a different point of view. This period is often considered to be a catalyst for change, for as you reflect on yourself; your inner workings, personal choices, and life experiences, you can begin to process this from a different and often healing perspective. This can be characterized as uncomfortable both mentally and physically, and we encourage you to embrace the psychological opportunities the medicine makes available to you at this time.

The third phase is around 18-36 hours:

In this phase, individuals will begin to have greater control over their physical bodies and will begin to hydrate more consistently. There will be residual stimulation at this time, and many people report becoming impatient for the process to finally be complete. There are still contingencies for evaluation and integration to be occurring, and the more you are able to have allowance for yourself and the process, the more ease you will have at this time.

24-72 hours from initial ingestion:
The next day(s) is often classified as a Grey Day

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A Grey Day is exactly what it sounds like; a period of time when the physiological, psychological and emotional bodies respond to the intensity of the previous 24 hours. This can manifest as negativity, uncomfortable body feelings (not detox), guilt, depression, irritability  and intellectual self-abuse. Though the ibogaine side effects gradually wear off during grey day, some people struggle to shake off these feelings and sensations. This is completely natural and it is an important part of the process. Not every individual experiences the grey day however, everyone should be prepared to do so.

Furthermore, grey day may last longer than a day or two. For some, several days of feeling low are highly probable, especially after ibogaine addiction therapy. Sleep deprivation is common and this can also contribute to the lower energies during the grey day period. This recuperation time is built in to the schedule at The Root of Hope, and we have world class strategies, modalities, therapies and professionals that work to elevate the body, mind and spirit  

The ibogaine experience is a healing, and therapeutic journey, and after the treatment individuals are cared for, which allows them to process and contemplate their experience in a supported and encouraging way.  Each individual has their own specific, and tailored after care protocol which is identified and designed so that personal patterns are addressed in support of healthier and happier life choices. Please see our after care opportunities and strategies to better understand the breadth of what is available for you. Click here for Aftercare.