The period after Ibogaine is one of the most crucial periods in which to begin reintegrating your experience to ensure that the process and healing that you have undergone carries forward with you as you begin to step into your new way of life.

In order to ensure that you are as successful in this as possible we offer a comprehensive aftercare therapeutic program that works with sound healing, network chiropractic, herbal remedies and supplements, water and detox therapies, and many more incredible experiences that begin to align and connect you with your spiritual and authentic self.

Counselling/coaching sessions (pre and post Ibogaine) with metaphysical, and relationship experts is an extremely advantageous offering with individuals who not only understand the nature of the addicted mind, but are also well versed in many types of learning styles and belief systems that address each individual client's specific world view.

Energy Psychologies are modalities that address the individuals body-mind-spirit connection and begin restoring these bodies back into a more harmonic and balanced state. Coaching, teaching, and facilitation are all available using specific techniques and tools that begin to release the conditioning of constantly tracking the negative thought patterned mind so that you can begin to track your beingness instead.

Wellness, light physical activities, addiction coaching, empowering videos, goal setting, and motivational emails are all included in your aftercare for many months post Ibogaine. It is of crucial importance that individuals use this time wisely to keep themselves on track, and do the work that is required of them so that they can begin to experience life from a place of self love.