Addiction Therapy

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Ibogaine is considered an addiction interrupter. When Ibogaine HCL is taken as a flood dose it has the ability to bind to the reuptake neuroreceptors in the mind that moderate pain/pleasure and reset them to a pre-addicted state. This has shown itself helpful in interrupting most addictions, however, different protocols are implemented depending on the nature of the addiction and the type of addiction .  

At the Root of Hope, our goal is to ensure that each and every client experiences the most optimal opportunities for enduring change. And, sometimes, that means that we are unable to accept everyone immediately into our program. There are many prerequisites that must be met in order to begin the road to your own personal recovery, and sometimes that process can take time. Just like the addiction did not develop overnight, the road to liberation may also require some time to actualize. It is important that a person exhibit a sincere desire for change. Ibogaine is an excellent addiction interrupter, but lasting results depend on a client’s willingness to actively do the work themselves.

Using Ibogaine as a therapy to treat addiction is a very different method of treatment. Ibogaine induces a dreamlike but conscious state, in which the individual can access deep aspects of his or her subconscious and begin to evaluate the deeper dimensions of the self, which can often reveal the source or root of the addiction. As these reflections are revealed the individual gains the insight into what will help him or her in healing the issues that may have led them to their addictive patterns of abuse. During this period of deep introspection feelings of shame, fear, anger, depression and judgment are released and can be replaced with a new feeling of purpose, positivity and hopefulness for the future for oneself. A new sense of personal value is explored in a way that would have previously been perceived as unattainable, and is now considered a real possibility.

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Ibogaine can be an effective treatment for addressing addictions to short-acting opiates such as heroin, oxycontin, and morphine, but is not an effective measure to address long acting opioids such as methadone, fentanyl, or suboxone. At The Root of Hope we would gladly support you through the process of transitioning back to short acting opiates, which could take anywhere from 3 weeks to two months before the Ibogaine treatment. This may not be a protocol that other Ibogaine practitioners adhere too, however, every individuals personal success is a paramount goal for us, and treating a person too soon after taking long acting opiates can be dangerous and lead to unnecessary withdrawal, pain, and potential relapse.